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Rural Broadband

High speed internet is essential for rural America. It connects rural students so they can compete on a level playing field, it connects rural seniors to services, it is increasingly essential to all aspects of agriculture and it keeps isolated communities connected to the outside world. That is why we have fought to ensure our elected leaders are investing in rural broadband. It is also why we are working to highlight investments that have been made that can help rural residents access high-speed internet today. 

Rural Schools

When the COVID-19 pandemic sent schools online, lack of broadband access meant rural kids simply disappeared because they couldn’t do their homework or attend class. We are working to prevent that from happening again. 

Health Care for Seniors

Broadband access will allow seniors better access to health care. Rather than traveling to appointments multiple times a year, virtual “telehealth” appointments will  make follow up visits easier, and bring care directly to underserved areas. 

Affordable Access

The Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP) has been created to improve access to broadband through a $30 per month subsidy available to low-income residents. Learn more about the program and how rural residents can access it here

Historic Investment

The Bipartisan Infrastructure Law has set aside funding for different programs to ensure that rural Americans have access to high quality internet and close the digital divide.  Learn more here

Watch Our Recent Town Halls

Aerial View of Farmhouse


Rural Voices USA recently hosted a virtual town hall on important upcoming investments in rural broadband across Pennsylvania. The town hall included U.S. Senator Bob Casey, the Biden Administration’s broadband policy lead, rural and agricultural leaders from across Pennsylvania and a 2021 National Teacher of the Year.

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