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Rural Voices President Joins President Biden for Rural America Event Series Kickoff

(Northfield, MN) – This week, Chris Gibbs, the President of Rural Voices USA, a leading national non-profit organization dedicated to organizing rural Americans to advocate, communicate, and hold policymakers accountable for rural issues, attended President Joe Biden's Kickoff event for "Investing in Rural America Event Series” and issued the following statement.

“It’s heartening to see the Biden Administration's commitment to addressing the unique needs and challenges facing our rural communities. With $1.7 billion for climate-smart agriculture, $1.1 billion for rural infrastructure, $5 million for biofuels, $1 billion for economic development, nearly $300 Million for high-speed internet, and a near $150 million for renewables, rural America is set to finally receive the long overdue support it needs.

“Being there and seeing up close what the choosing of this specific farm told was the real back story of the event. It's rare that the President's staffers hit the nail on the head when they're dealing directly with farmers, regardless of Party. In this case, the gut of both the Secretary and the President was matched perfectly with the farm family and the message.

"This was a working farm with a true grit working family. There weren't any shiny new painted or waxed-up combines. The prop machinery placed behind the President had both rust on its parts and mud on the tires. The tractor was decades old.

"Watching the President interact with this young family demonstrated his genuine desire to do the right thing for rural America."




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