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Statement on Debt Ceiling Agreement and Default Impact on Rural America

(Washington, D.C.) - Today, Chris Gibbs, Ohio farmer and Board President of Rural Voices USA, the nationwide network of farmers and rural community leaders, released the following statement on the debt ceiling agreement. “Now that agreement has been reached on addressing the debt ceiling, we urge Congress to move forward with passing it. Rural America would be hammered by default and its cascading impacts on retirement savings, farm credit, access to capital, benefits and more. In addition to avoiding this politically manufactured crisis, Congress should get back to the business of legislating: investing in rural health care and education, expanding new markets for our agriculture products, and protecting every American’s right to vote.”

Rural Voices USA is a 501 (c)4 non-profit bipartisan organization dedicated to ensuring the voices and views of rural Americans are heard in the policy debates impacting their lives. For more information visit Contact:



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