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Statement on Midterm Elections from Rural Voices USA

(Washington, D.C.) – Today, (Washington, D.C.) – Chris Gibbs, Board President of Rural Voices USA, the nationwide network of rural leaders working to ensure rural Americans have a voice in policies that impact their livelihoods, released the following statement on the current results of the midterm elections.

“This election carries lessons for both parties in rural America. For Democrats, while there were bright spots, the election was more survival than victory. This election was a reminder that the Democratic brand continues to suffer in rural America. For instance, in Ohio, Tim Ryan, a genuine champion of rural and working-class families was weighed down by the party’s image and its refusal to show up and invest election resources in rural counties. On the other hand, in Pennsylvania, where Rural Voices USA’s Pennsylvania steering committee got the message out on President Biden’s work to invest in broadband and other infrastructure, we saw real gains in rural votes that contributed to Senator-elect Fetterman’s victory.

“For Republicans, the election was a reminder that candidate quality matters, even in rural strongholds. Election deniers and other extremists are a threat to American democracy and hopefully these results reinforce that fundamental truth. We suspect Republicans won’t make the same mistake again, which makes Democrats task of showing up in rural counties even more pressing.”



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