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Statement on the House GOP Proposal to Cut USDA FY24 Funding

(Washington, D.C.) – Today, Chris Gibbs, President of Rural Voices USA, a leading national non-profit that organizes rural Americans to advocate, communicate, and hold policy makers accountable for rural issues, released a statement following the House GOP proposal to slash fiscal 2024 funding for USDA by one-third.

“It’s hard to watch lawmakers who largely represent rural communities gut funding that goes directly to those same rural communities. By slashing funding for the USDA budget by one-third, the House GOP is showing how backward their priorities are. Instead of allowing rural communities to play a meaningful role in industries of the future, like home grown biofuels for the consumer, industry, and aviation, this proposal would leave rural communities behind. Rural communities cannot stay silent as proposals like this zero out investments that would give rural areas a fighting chance to stay relevant economically in the future.”

Rural Voices USA is a 501 (c)4 non-profit bipartisan organization dedicated to ensuring the voices and views of rural Americans are heard in the policy debates impacting their lives. For more information visit




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